Water is the most important element for living beings to survive, second only to the air we breathe!

It is not a coincidence that two-thirds of the total mass of earth consists of water. Water is a life giving resource and is itself the source of life for all living beings. Science has long proven that an average human body consists of 60-70% water.

Water for Good Health

Famous anthropologist, philosopher and natural science writer Loren Eiseley once said, "If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." It is indeed magic the way ample intake of water operates the machinery of our body so smoothly, while inadequate water intake or drinking contaminated water will make this machine go rusty. Water energizes every cell in our body while reduced water supply causes dehydration. Dehydration in turn causes a number of conditions, the most common being fatigue and can even be fatal in its extreme state!

The Role of Water in Proper Body Functioning

Miracles that water performs in our body are limitless. Here are few examples:

It regulates our metabolism, digestive system and keeps our kidneys working at their best potential. This is because water dissolves most substances much better than other liquids.
When we keep replenishing our body's water supply, it keeps us energized and feeling full.
These are also reasons why drinking water is said to lose weight.
Water is the best detoxifying agent, thus helps in acquiring glowing skin and delays the process of ageing.
Whats more is that water reduces the risk of contracting certain cancers substantially e.g. colon cancer and bladder cancer.
It keeps our brain and nervous system in a great running condition even as we age.
Water Consumption and Contamination in the US

According to careful estimates, the US consumes around 346, 000 million gallons of water every day. This includes industrial and agricultural use as well as for drinking. Of this amount, nearly 80% is used for purposes other than drinking. Out of the total, there is about 80-85% of the total US population that receives water from public facilities.

The 1974 Safe Water Drinking Act urged the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make sure that all public water systems meet the minimum safe standards to protect public health. Most tap water in the US contains lead, fluoride, arsenic and other extremely dangerous contaminants. EPA identifies a number of pollutants that have contaminated tap water. According to the agency's website, "EPA strongly encourages people to learn more about their drinking water, and to support local efforts to protect and upgrade the supply of safe drinking water."

Water pollutants can turn this nature's blessing into a health adversary instead. The chlorine in water can make your hair and skin lusterless, the lead content will make it difficult for your kidneys to properly filter the blood waste and these are only a few examples. That is why it is absolutely essential to ensure that you drink clean water only.

Importance of Drinking Clean Filtered Water

Clean water can be considered an internal healing substance. It acts from within to provide us better physical and mental health. The cosmetic benefits are also countless. Drinking lots of water daily is imperative for maintaining good health. Clean drinking water does not only make the body function better, cures a number of conditions but it can also prevent us from potential illnesses.

Commit yourself to start consuming this abundant blessing of nature from today, in its purest form possible, and get ready to see water working its magic in your life!

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